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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Missionary Online?

The role of a missionary as viewed by the majority of people: a person who dresses up, wears a nametag, and knocks on doors all day, every day, talking to people about Jesus Christ.

Lately, you may have seen missionaries at the libraries, online.  Have you ever wondered what are they doing at the computers?

Our purpose online is the same as walking the streets: to invite others to come unto Christ.

When we are online, we are doing many of the same activities that we do offline: we share spiritual messages, contact a variety of people, and invite others to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  You've probably seen a lot of the messages that we've written.  The purpose of those is to help strengthen you in your life and your testimony of Christ.

Some people live far away, or can't be eagerly waiting at their door for the missionaries to come by.  (We get it, you have lives that involve more dynamics than reading scriptures and talking to the missionaries.)  A way that we can still reach out to them is through online services, where we can answer questions about who God is, what do Mormons believe, and what is the Book of Mormon.

The messages we share online also make it easy for you to share the gospel with your friends and family.  Every time you like a post or share it with your friends, it gives you an opportunity to share your testimony with them.  It opens the door for them to ask questions about your beliefs and faith - where you can easily point them to the missionaries that are serving in your area.  After all, they're online!

Good has already come from this shift to online.  Many missionaries have been able to teach family members and friends back home, lives have been touched, and the gospel has been shared to those who might not have had an opportunity otherwise.

So the next time you see a post from the missionaries that you like, share it on your wall.  Share your testimony on the posts and share spiritual experiences.  :)  We are here to help you!  So whenever you have a question, feel free to ask us!

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